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Garage Door Texture
  • Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy
    To receive full deposit refunded, it must be canceled 168 hours (7 days) prior to scheduled move start time. If a job is cancelled between 73 and 167 hours (3-7 days) prior to scheduled move start time, 50% of deposit will be retained. If a job is rescheduled 72 hours (3 days) or less prior to scheduled move start time, 50% of deposit will be retained. 25% of total job will be owed as remainder of deposit to lock in time slot. If a job is cancelled 72 hours (3 days) or less prior to scheduled move start time, full deposit will be retained.
  • Customer Assistance
    Biggest assistance we can have is ensuring the house is clean of loose clutter and debris with clear pathways. Ensure everything that can be boxed is boxed. Go ahead and disassemble furniture. Disconnect and drain appliances. Clearly separate and consolidate items that movers are not to be handling. Remove shades, harps, and bulbs on all lamps. Remove all unfixed shelving. Place all valuables like money, jewelry, etc in secure location. We do not allow assistance from customers. If customer chooses to coordinate load, at any capacity, customer must agree to release of liability and coordinate the entire loading process. Your input is still valuable and will be taken into consideration. If customer chooses to begin loading or unloading process prior to our arrival, you accept full responsibility for contents handled and Mindful Movers will not be held liable. Furthermore, when loading onto a container, there must be a clear divide from where we begin with a full and completed wall.
  • Weather Policy
    It is the customers' responsibility to verify weather conditions are suitable for work. We do work in light rain or light snow. This will be judged and determined by our lead technician on the job. If customer decides for our team to come out with the chance of weather issues, there is a 2 hour minimum regardless if we are interrupted and prevented by weather. If customer wants to reschedule then we can do so pending availability. Customer will be charged according to rescheduling policy We do not work in and when there is high risk or harsh weathers conditions due to liability reasons. This includes hail, sleet, tornadoes, and etc.
  • Same Day Service
    We offer same day service depending on service needed and our availability. It is a premium of 50% our standard rate for your location.
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